a nice piece of glass

Our Spring collection for 2017
We hope you will love our new glassware as much as we do!
Spring collection 2017
Large serving platter and hors d'oeuvre plates
Spring Collection 2017
Blues, Birds, and Flowers set off these plates made for our 2017 spring collecton.
New Years collection 2017
Plates from our Winter 2016 and Spring 2017 Collections.
New Years collection 2017
A Nice Piece Of Glass
This is an image of our Winter 2016 collection of Glassware.
Tumbleweed show 2016
This is our collection of Polka Dot patterned Glassware for 2016 on display at Tumbleweed in Wenatchee.
Day of the Dead woman
One half of a pair of stained glass windows.
Day of the Dead man
One half of a pair of stained glass windows.


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 VvB KvB Art is an artistic endeavor of Victor and Kellie von Beck. Here you can browse our collaborative art works, our individual work, and products at our glass art company, a Nice Piece of Glass. Thank you for visiting!